our Vision

Our Vision is to Love God, Love People, Serve the World, and Reach the Next Generation!  Our Mission has always been, and will always be, the Great Commission.

Jesus charged His disciples in Mark 16 and Matthew 28 to take the gospel to every city, every state, and every nation.  

In Acts 13:49 it says, "And the Lord’s message spread throughout that region.” NLT

Just like the early church took responsibility in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in the region where they lived, we see that our call is to establish strong leaders who will raise up strong local churches who will partner together in causing the gospel to spread throughout our region.  The purpose of the gospel is to bring hope and healing to a lost and hurting world, and at the core of everything we do, is a desire to allow the life-changing message of Jesus to impact everyone that we come in contact with.

As we connect with God and grow in that most important relationship, then we begin to realize our God given potential.   By working together, we are leaving our mark on this world as we live God-honoring lives that touch the people of our world.

core values

We See:
A church 5, 15, or 50 years from now, if Jesus tarries, where every age, every race, and every background can worship God together in Spirit and in Truth.

A church that is both strong at home and impacting the world.

A church that is known for its passion for God and its love for people.

A church that serves its community by being involved in it.

A church where envy and strife are strangers.

A church that lends to many and never has to borrow again.

A church where excellence is the standard and obedience to God is the norm.

A church showing people to Heaven and rescuing people from hell.

A church that not only refuses to just survive but is committed to thrive.

A church that is highly favored by God and highly hated by the devil.