At Faith Family Church, we have been serving our Clinton County community for over 22 years. FFC exists to Help People Connect With God and Grow to Love God, Love People, Serve the World, and Reach the Next Generation for Christ.  This year, we have seen God add to our church at an exciting pace, as lives have been changed and transformed through salvation, baptism, and discipleship. We have seen God save marriages, set addicts free, heal the broken, and bring countless individuals and families into relationship with Him.

Over the last 4 years, we have more than doubled our average weekly attendance from 150 to 400+. Our children’s ministry is exploding weekly, and we are out growing every environment we create for ministry in our weekend services. Our current foyer and café is cramped, and our crowded hallway and parking lot communicate to guests that we are not in a position to welcome more families to FFC. Now is the time to expand.

In 1999, our church experienced similar restrictions and it was decided to build an addition and double the square footage of our current facility from 4500 to over 9000 square feet. God provided the money to fund the project through the people of our church, which totaled almost $200,000 and gave us the ability to grow to where we are now. Now is the time to move forward with building our next facility that will provide for future ministry and help us reach our community. We need to build an auditorium that will allow for continued growth of our weekend services, provide much needed upgrades of our audio, video, and lighting systems, and provide a multipurpose space for outreaches and events that will engage and encourage our community. We need to build an atrium that will create a new entry to FFC with space for connection, fellowship, small groups, and meetings. We have plans for a large café area and children’s play area. We also need space for nursery and preschool-aged kids to be close to the auditorium, as our current children’s space will not support continued growth. We also need to provide more office space for our growing staff and internship programs. We desire to create a facility that can be used throughout the week to meet the real needs of our community.

In order to make this next step a reality we are going to need everyone to step up, sacrifice, and follow through on the faith journey. We are asking God to help us raise $300,000 in 36 months in order to secure financing and start construction of a 12,000 sq. ft. facility on our property in front of our current facility. It will face Williams Road and State Route 73, and will create a whole new entry to our building and grounds.

Together we can do this. Together we can pave the way for our community to find hope in Christ and set the foundation for the next generation of servant leaders to do even more for the Kingdom of God!